I made these photographs in the 500-square-foot terrain that makes up my backyard. I decided to work within the narrowly defined space of my backyard because I’m disabled—I was born with osteogenesis imperfecta and, in December 2016, was diagnosed with osteoporosis. 

At this point, travel is hard for me. Transporting even a minimal photography set-up isn’t an option. The process of making a photograph is often physically demanding—carrying equipment to a specific site, manipulating that equipment into position, moving around the subject to capture it, bending down, bending over, etc. Through this, the body and its capacities often enter into the process of making an image and impact how the image comes about and what it looks like. 

At the same time that this project becomes a visual document of my attempts to make the photographs I want in dialogue with the capacities of my body, I hope it also underscores the enormous amount of potential and beauty that lies within a single, narrowly defined space. The mundane backyard, the marginalized space of the disabled body are both replete with potential, capacity, and value.
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