Harassed for several years by an ex-boyfriend, I lived, during that time, in a state defined by an unsettling combination of obviousness (plenty of documentation existed to prove wrongdoing) and obscurity (the forces of patriarchy and institutional silencing denied my voice and kept me from help and much-needed support). 
I struggle to process these experiences and, due to this, have started to try to make images that speak in some way to this time. 

I structured these photographs such that they might be confusing to see and look at—for the subjects of the images to be somewhat unclear or obscured, for the figure/s and the ground to weave slightly together in a compositional nod toward the paradox of personal clarity and public denial in which I operated each day during that time and still encounter.  
I made these photographs in a former limestone quarry. In the abandoned quarry (mining operations ended there in 1977) I see see a powerful example of healing and regeneration, of a gutted place moving forward, and in this I find comfort and hope. 
Visually, I'm trying to make some hopeful, precise, incongruous messes. 
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